It’s Not Just For Summer: 5 Reasons To Keep Your Toddy Out All Year Long

It’s Not Just For Summer: 5 Reasons To Keep Your Toddy Out All Year Long

The weather is cooling down quite nicely. The air in the morning has a pleasantly crisp feel to it, which makes the coffee cravings all the more intense. This would typically make you think it’s time to put away the cold brew equipment you’ve put to good use this past summer along with your summer wardrobe. But hold up…did you know you can use your Toddy Cold Brew System year round? Here are 5 reasons to keep your Toddy in use all year long.

  1. Easy Brewing – As with the cold brew you have been brewing up all summer, you know what a breeze it is to prepare a batch. It’s as easy as coarsely grinding a bag of coffee, adding the recommended amount of filtered water, and letting it sit overnight. The next morning simply filter the brew into the Toddy decanter and refrigerate! There’s really nothing to it.
  2. Less Waste and Consistency – Usually when you brew up a large pot of hot coffee, there is always the potential of waste. Maybe you just can’t make it through an entire pot by yourself (and if you can, that’s a conversation for another day) therefore the coffee gets stale sitting out, breaking down the flavor qualities of the particular bean. That isn’t something that is a concern with Toddy cold brew, which can last up to 2-3 weeks in the fridge, without any tainting of flavor; it is consistent the entire time.
  1. Distinctive Flavor – If you have ever tested brewing methods side-by-side then you know how they can completely change the flavor profiles of identical coffee beans. For example, the flavor nuances of a medium roast Ethiopian Yirga Cheffe brewed up using a 1) pour-over, 2) commercial brewer, and 3) Toddy Cold Brew methods will each be amplified and differ quite distinctively from one method to the next. The Toddy offers up smoother flavor attributes that just do not come through using traditional hot brewing methods.
  1. One Brewing Method = Multiple Drink Applications – Aside from making iced coffee beverages from the Toddy cold brew, you can also use the concentrate to prepare a hot beverage. Using the 1:2 concentrate to water ratio, you can add hot water just off the boil to create a smooth tasting hot coffee. Want to make a latte? No problem! Just steam the Toddy concentrate with the steam wand on your espresso machine producing a crema-like consistency to use as the base of your latte – just steam your milk as usual. Viola! A tasty hot beverage from cold brew! Toddy also makes it easy to keep fresh-tasting decaf on hand for those who can’t handle much caffeine. Instead of brewing up an entire carafe of decaf every morning, only to throw most of it out later in the day, brew up a batch of cold brew decaf to have on hand; same great taste, without the waste. The application possibilities truly are endless with the Toddy Cold Brew System.
  1. Less Acidity – Some people love hot coffee but experience digestive problems due to the acidity in the coffee. Using the Toddy system reduces the acidity in coffee by 67% which allows those with even the most sensitive of stomachs to still enjoy their favorite beverage with fewer side effects.

If you don’t already have a Toddy Cold Brew System of your own, you can get your kit by visiting our roastery or from our site. We recently restocked, so we have plenty on hand:

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